Are you planning to visit derry, Ireland, for attending a business conference or to take your family members along with you for enjoying the weekend, away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life? Consider yourself lucky if you have friends of relative over there, as this provides you the opportunity to stay with them. However, if you do not have such any relative or friend in that city, your sole option is to stay at a hotel. You might consider staying in a hostel if you are travelling alone, but you have no choice apart from hotels if you are visiting Derry along with the members of your family.

What is a hotel?

In simple terms, hotels are commercial establishments that provide accommodations and meals along with a host of other services for tourists and travellers. For example, you can find conference rooms in several hotels derry. They provide you an ideal option to host your business related meeting and seminars.

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Where are hotels popular?

Hotels that are located in cities renowned for their tourist attractions are quite popular. Their popularity increases if their location is in close proximity to popular tourist attractions, as this allows their guests to save money they would have otherwise had to spend on transportation costs to visit the tourist locales. Hotels that have conference rooms are popular with companies who want to host business meetings. The popularity of a hotel increases manifold based in the services they offer. Some prime examples include swimming pools, in house gyms, spas, and attached restaurants.

Who stays in hotels?

Tourists visiting a city along with their loved ones who do not have relatives or friends in the destination city stay in hotels. More often than not individuals who need to wait for several hours in a city before taking a connecting flight to their destination stay at a hotel located close to the airport. It provides them the opportunity to refresh themselves and have a luxurious meal and the opportunity to relax comfortably.

Why do people stay in hotels?

People stay in hotels, as it provides them an opportunity to keep their belongings safely while they spend their time visiting popular locations of the city. They need not bother about getting up early and preparing breakfast, as most hotels Derry offer complimentary breakfasts.

What types of hotels are there?

Hotels are segregated depending on the amenities they offer. Therefore, a 5-star hotel will offer much more amenities than a 1-star one. However, the 5-star hotels are extremely costly and are typically beyond the reach of normal people. The 3-star hotels are the best option as their room charges are reasonable and they provide decent service. Obviously, you should not expect swimming pools or gyms in such hotels.

What is the difference between a hotel and a hostel?

The main difference between hotels and hostels is that hotels offer individual rooms for more privacy while hostels provide dormitory like settings in which to stay. If you are travelling alone and want a good place to stay at a bargain cost, opt for hostels.